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"My love to you is my biggest trust into you - because it is the same time my biggest danger..... (...)
That's MY Achilles' heel...."

And almost 1 year before...........

" (...) An 'amour fou' is the highest apogee - but with the deepest abyss behind...
It's not an inescapability to fall into this abyss - but this danger is given to a high degree. On the other side the apogee is the heaven, paradise and elysium of love & lust on earth. You can't fly higher, it's a permanent breathtaking moment...
I lived it once. And felt abyssal. But with the right woman.... I would risc it again. "

9.11.13 00:29

Letzte Einträge: The permanent presence......, World without end, High emotion - because of Antonio Raggi, Me and him, OUR way to kiss to welcome!

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Promisc / Website (9.11.13 09:50)
So I gift you my biggest trust, mon amour, overreliance - by my love to you.

And you do the same......... thank you so much!

Promisc / Website (9.11.13 10:08)
You are the right woman............

Candy girl / Website (10.11.13 18:13)
I'll never be grateful enough that we both had and have the courage to take this risk that is so worth it... above all hopes or wishes...

Candy girl / Website (10.11.13 18:14)
The only way to deserve it is to continue to live it deeply........... without any reserve... The thrilling, the passion, the love, the lust, the desire are as much high as the danger is huge...

Candy girl / Website (10.11.13 18:14)
Thank you so much mon amour, mon loup to chose to live this with me...

Promisc / Website (11.11.13 10:07)
A very deep, passionate, intensive and high emotional kiss, mon amour fou grand .........

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