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Answer to a demand.......

He asked me:
"Give your pussy a little touch from me "

But I did much more than a "little touch".......

I started sat at my desk.... And became too horny to stay like this, at this place.....
I had his face in front of me, and he wanted me to go further, much further....
So I went to the bedroom, and installed the chair in front of the mirror of the wardrobe, put my trousers on my feet, put my top away....
My eyes were his, like if I offered him this show, like if he was here, beside...
And he watched then the waves of my belly, my breasts moving in time with the deep breaths, my hairy pussy answering to my fingers......
I had to get up to catch our toy and played with it..... He loved this..... and the apogee came quickly...
And shit, back to reality suddenly: I'm naked on a chair with a sextoy!!!
He drives me really crazy............. but I love this.......

23.3.15 12:06

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Promisc / Website (2.4.15 19:35)

You love this! 3

MY so wonderful bitchy girl 3 :D

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